Banana Striped Dog Bandana

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Spoil your high-energy furball with this whimsical banana-striped bandana and watch them become the most adorably trendy doggo at the park. It's the perfect accessory for the dog that never seems to run out of zoomies and always brings the party. Adorned with a charming banana print set against cool blue and white stripes, this bandana is sure to match your pup's lively spirit and turn heads during your fun-filled escapades. It’s not just a bandana; it’s a badge of honor for the playfully spirited and endlessly loving good boy/good girl in your life.


  • Size: 25 x 12 inches
  • Best fits dogs 20lb+
  • Machine-wash warm tumble dry

This item is made to order and takes 1-2 weeks to ship.

10/10 would recommend

What the people have to say


These colors are fabulous in person! Just looking at it
makes me feel happy.

Lauren B

LOVE Nicole’s prints! They really make my room look put together and they look very nice in a pair. They arrived quickly too! Nicole has great customer service – the packing was super cute with thoughtful details. Thanks Nicole!!!

Sara M

The quality of the print was great. Nice and bright and it looked just like the online picture. I was very pleased with the effort that the shop took in shipping – packaged very nice.

Mary Irby

Got this for my bff for her bday as a little daily reminder to herself to be a bad ass. She loved it! It was the perfect size!

Anastasia R

Great quality and super cute!

Gabrielle B

Super thick and sturdy sticker that arrived so much quicker than I expected!

Allie W