Being Alive IS the special occasion

Nixie is a lifestyle brand rooted in vibrant optimism and punchy palettes. Nixie aims to be your daily dose of delight through a colorful curation of art and lifestyle goods that infuse joy into life’s moments, big and small. We believe being alive is the special occasion and we inspire you to see every day as a canvas for happiness through beautiful, joyful living.

Fun-loving? Yes. Fun-having. You bet. Fun-Seeking? Abso-freakin-lutely. We’re on a joyride and fun is our compass, leading us to create art that uplifts and products that make adulting optimistically achievable.

Meet Nicole...

Chief Executive Optimist

Nicole Goldfarb is a color enthusiast creative whose eye-catching illustrations radiate a playful energy that is synonymous with joy. With a signature blend of lively hues, bold shapes and funky typography, her mission is to inspire a life full of fun by making the most out of every day. Nicole believes life is so much more fun when you lean into the things that make you truly happy, so she created Nixie to bring more color and cuteness to the world. 

Color is her love language, summer is her muse, design is her passion, and the beach is her happy place

Nicole is currently catching rays and making waves in Venice, CA.